Failure, Anger, Disappointment, and Determination

Today was my day of reckoning.  I haven’t exercised much at all in the last 3 months due to my knee injury.  I realize when you aren’t moving you are sitting.  Sitting leads to boredom and boredom leaves to eating.  After 40 years of bad habits it is very easy to revert back into what you are used to.  My mistake was not relying on my support group for help and finding suitable replacement for all the walking I was doing until I got the knee and feet issues ironed out.  Granted it took me a lot longer to get healthy than I ever imagined and my recovery is filled with setbacks just as I thought I was past the problems.

Make no mistake it is my fault and responsibility.  Today I stepped on the scale for the first time since the beginning of September.  I have gained back over 30 pounds since I hurt my leg in July.  Today I’m dealing with the disappointment with myself and am angry and depressed.  I’m allowing myself today and that is it.  Tomorrow part 2 of the journey starts.  I think I have a better understanding of addiction and how even though you are finding success and building on those feelings it is hard to maintain that behavior.  It takes hard work.  If it was easy everyone would be successful.  I have had short term success in the past.  I want long term success this time.  My life is in the balance.  I’m 50 years old and do not want to revert to what the last few years have brought me.

Now for the good news.  I’m still down 120 pounds from August of 2011.  That is still a big accomplishment.  I walked 2 miles yesterday and have gone through 3 sessions of water aerobics in the last week and my knee is holding up pretty well.  I will not give up on myself.  I have to be an example for my daughter.  She has begun walking and exercising more frequently and is eating much better.  I am very proud of her.  My wife has also gotten back on the wagon and we are all working together to improve our eating and exercise routines.  We have all the tools, we need to use them.  We joined the YMCA and have begun using the facility regularly in the last 2 weeks. We have cut our eating in restaurants way down after it crept back up to several times a week.  Water and Crystal Light Tea are now staples of our diets.  We will succeed.  We can’t afford not to.

All the numbers are back on my retrofit and fitbit pages and staring me straight in the face.  I buried my head in the sand for a few months and it got me what that always has in the past, failure.  I have to be accountable and the right choices have to be made.  I can’t afford to make the wrong ones.

Tomorrow is October 15th.  New weekly, monthly, and yearly goals have been set.  Tony Dungy said a goal without a plan is a wish.  I’m wishing for nothing. I have a goal and I have a plan to get to my goal.  My exercise routine will be regular, my diet will be better.  The weight I gained will be gone by the end of November and I plan on making steady and great progress week by week and month by month.  I’ve done it before and I can do it again.  Day by day.  Thanks for listening.  I will keep you all informed on how I’m doing.  I know I have been silent since I began dealing with the leg issues.  Silence hasn’t worked.  I WILL SUCCEED.



Reflections of 1 year and 158 pounds lost

It has been one year.  365 days and 158 pounds later I’m well on the way to living healthy again.  There is so much I can do now that wasn’t even a possibility last August.  I have much more work to do and the great news is as I continue to lose weight I will gain so much more in the quality of my life.  I have wasted half my life being unhealthy and limited in what I could do.  In 28 days I will be 50 years old.  God willing the next 25 years will be the best of my life.  I am going to make up for lost time and opportunities.  The question will no longer be why but why not.  I have many things that I want to experience and as I get healthier my bucket list overflows with possibilities.

Simple Things

There are many things I couldn’t do that I can do now.  Some are simple things that you take for granted such as:

  • Walking

I never enjoyed walking.  I actually like to walk now and consider it a great way to release the stress from the day or week.  I can listen to music and enjoy nature while working toward good health.  It is the best of both worlds.  I don’t have to worry about finding a place to sit down after 10 minutes and can enjoy things like flea markets and museums.  I don’t have to spend hours dreading the walk into the Arena for a hockey game.  It is a release from the bindings of bad health.

When I started I couldn’t walk 25 yards without sweating and breathing heavy.  Now I can walk 3 miles several days a week and actually walked almost 140 miles in one month.  It is not easy.  I have had setbacks and some health issues as I fight my body for control.  The setbacks only make the success better.  To quote the movie” A League Of Their Own”, it’s supposed to be hard; the hard is what makes it great.

  • Chairs

I don’t have to worry about seating at the arena now and can even sit in some booths at restaurants.  Not a thought for most people but a source of stress for me.  I didn’t say it was real comfortable but every week it gets better and better.  Sooner than later it will only be an afterthought.  I can’t wait for that.

  • Swimming

The trips to the pool were not a fun experience but today it is much better.  I’ve spent more time at the pool this year than probably the last 15 years combined.  Go figure being Italian means I tan pretty easily.

  • Clothes

I actually purchased a couple of items from a regular store.  For 15 years I was limited to online shopping and 2 clothing stores.  I got to pay 3 times normal retail to look presentable.  It feels great to buy clothes and feel good wearing them as well/


I can’t go further without thanking my wife Renae for her support during this as she is the captain of #teamgrinding as I like to call it.  She has been very supportive and started me on this road to health.  We have worked together to make our family more healthy in general.  We have a great future ahead and quite honestly it has probably saved our relationship.  Next, I had the great fortune of winning a contest on twitter & facebook through I won a year program with  I have 4 talented individuals who have given me the tools and equipment and more importantly made me accountable for what I do.  Thank you Deborah, Lindsey, Jade, and Cathy.  You are a great team!

I have found that you alone have to make the commitment to the work, but you need people to help you along the way.  I thank all of my friends, family, co-workers, blog readers for all the encouragement.  It is a major component of realizing success.


Tomorrow begins year 2.  What success and failures will I face?  July hasn’t been a great month.  My feet finally gave up after the pounding I subjected them too for the last 10 months.  In the past I would have shut it down for good.  This is not the past.  I rested them and purchased orthotics for my new shoes.  Today my legs feel better than they have in months.  The exercise regiment returns.  This is how a so called normal healthy person reacts.  They can have a bad week or even month but it doesn’t turn into six months or six years.  It is very easy to fall back into the bad habits and there have been times that I have backslid.  I am not perfect.  I had a large goal that I wanted to reach by my birthday and I’m going to come up well short of that.  How can I complain about losing 158 pounds in a year?  I can’t!  I can only look forward to the next 10, the next 20, the next 50.  I will have setbacks. That is a given.  I will also have great successes and I choose to focus on those.  Take the punch and keep on coming.  I will keep grinding and reach the next level.  I can’t wait.  I hope you come along for the ride with me.  I’m going to leave you with some pictures of my first year.  Thank you again.

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Keep Moving. The Holiday Weekend is Here

138 pounds gone.  In six days it will be 10 months since I started. I should be around 14 pounds a month lost which is less than I wanted but I think is actually a real good pace.  I’ve done it in the most healthy way with some leg issues, but nothing serious.  I’m very proud of what I have accomplished so far.  95 days until my birthday.  I hope to average 20 pounds a month in the summer so that would put me right at 200 pounds lost on my birthday.  I’ll be 50 pounds short of my original goal, but is losing 200 pounds in what amounts to 13 months falling short? I think not.  Believe me I’ve made strides and have done things in the last 10 months I never thought I’d be able to do again.  Last month I walked 100 miles and this month I’ll be in the 120-130 miles walked range.  Even though I’m struggling with my foot and legs I haven’t felt this good in 14-15 years.   I have a ways to go but I have all the momentum on my side. Besides I can rest when I die.  I’m getting busy living! #keepgrinding

It’s the Simple Things

Set simple goals and make sure you notice the little things.  That is what will keep you going.  A couple weeks ago I went to a Deli to grab something to eat and the girl brought me to a booth.  In the past that meant me asking for a table and making the trek to another section.  Not this time!  I sat in the booth and placed my order.  I won’t lie it was a tight fit, but it was a fit. That doesn’t seem like much to the average person but it is to me.  Same thing with the pool chairs.  Can sit in them now and be comfortable and judging by how much time we have already spent at the pool this year that is very important.  Getting in and out of the pool is not a hassle anymore either.  Last year getting out of the pool and having gravity set in was not a happy moment.

Last weekend I was able to carry my grandson around a car show.  It was a struggle as it was hot, but last year that wouldn’t have been possible.  Actually I wouldn’t have even gone to the car show because of all the walking.

I also was able to help at the Special Olympics.  In the past any volunteer work was limited to some job sitting down and registering people or that sort of thing.  This time I got to participate.  I’m participating in life now.  It is much better than sitting.

I can go to any store now and walk around without any issues.  That not only helps me, but also my wife.  I can do some shopping and take the load off of her.  It helps all around.

Keep Driving Forward

There will be bad days.  Not every day is a perfect experience.  There have been days when my legs feel like they are 90 years old and it is frustrating.  I expected the exercise to get easier and the legs to follow suit, but I have to realize that I’m putting myself through harder workouts with incline intervals so my legs are still adjusting.  I’m not lightweight either so it’s a lot of pounding.  Even though my goal is to walk 10K steps a day I’ve scaled back a bit to rest my legs.  I’m looking into getting some compression sleeves for my lower legs to help out with the soreness and cramps.  I will not let the soreness stop me now.  That is just an excuse.  If I’m smart about it I will be way better off in the long run.


It is important to set reachable goals yet they can’t be too easy.  My goal was to double my days at 10K steps from May to June.  In May I had 8 days of 10000 steps and so far in June through today it is 16.  I still have a week to go and have doubled it already.  It WAS hard but not impossible.  It is not a coincidence that my best weight loss numbers have come in the last 2 months.  Movement equals success.  I’m moving every day.  Maybe not at 5 miles and 10000 steps, but when a bad day is 2.5 miles that puts it all into perspective.  3 months ago I would have been thrilled with a 2.5 mile day.  You will build stamina even through the pain.


Don’t be afraid to keep yourself accountable by leaning on friends and family and even professionals.  I was fortunate to win a contest with and the girls that are working with me are very professional and keep me accountable in all aspects including diet, exercise, and the most important part the mental aspect of all this.  Sometimes putting yourself out there with stated goals will keep you on the path to success.  You will go off the reservation sometimes but jumping back on the path as soon as possible is what keeps you going.  I hated the idea of weighing in daily but it actually is better.  You may be slipping a little and that weigh in where you gain 2 pounds really makes you focus on what you are doing.  If you wait a week you can get real bad results and give up.  Do not give up.  I want to thank all my friends and family on Facebook and Twitter as well who put up with my daily status updates.  They are my way of keeping me on the straight and narrow and hopefully I’m helping others along the way.  My wife has been real patient with all my exercise and food requirements and we are enjoying success together and as a family in working toward a better lifestyle.  Life is getting better and better every day.

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. God Bless and be safe.









#KeepGrinding (It’s been a while)


 There are 24 hours in a day.  Finding the time to do everything, including writing this blog has been a special challenge.  I apologize for having such a large gap in time between writing.  The Predators season is now over so that frees up some time so I really don’t have much of an excuse not to keep you updated on the adventure.

Silence Doesn’t Mean Lack of Success

Most time when people stop writing or disappear from the blogosphere, especially in documenting a weight loss journey it is because they fell off the wagon.  I’m happy to report nothing would be farther from the truth.  I am more focused now than ever.  April was a very solid month for me and I have been killing it in May.  I’ve never exercised as much as I have over the last 3 weeks and especially since the beginning of this month.  As of tonight, I have already walked 43.50 miles, much of it on incline intervals on the treadmill at the gym.  Tonight I added the pool post walk and got some more work on my arms and upper body for the first time.

Tale of the Tape

As of this morning I have lost 134 pounds. It equates out to 3 shirt sizes and 10 inches on my waist and I’m dropping more every day. I’ve given myself a “B” on the food and an A+ on the exercise since the beginning of April. So there is room for improvement. I went through a rough spot with my feet and legs but I appear to be coming out the other side on that issue, as the more I work the better they feel.  Who knew?


I have to plug the Fitbit ( activity tracker. Since I got the device I track all my steps, stairs, calories burned, and even sleep patterns.  It is wireless as well and it records all you information on the computer for you.  It has been a great tool for me.  My goal is to walk at least 10K steps as many days as possible in May.  I’ve made it 7 out of 8 days. Some of you may not know that I won a contest on Twitter of all places through Diets in review and won a year program with  I have my own team of coaches regarding nutrition, exercise, and the mental aspects of getting through all this and making the important changes necessary to live your life in a health way.  We all need help and support and they provide it in spades.  Check them out.  I recommend them highly.

Progress and Benchmarks

Two weeks ago I played 9 holes of golf on a hot Friday afternoon.  When I was done I wasn’t exhausted.  I didn’t have trouble climbing the hills and actually enjoyed playing.  I haven’t played in at least 4 years because I couldn’t physically do it.  It will now become a regular part of my life again.  It’s great to get things back that have been lost for a long time.  I can even drive the cart comfortably.  It’s the small things that make the difference.

My two little grand kids, Mason and Jackson came over a week or so ago for a few hours.  I think I stunned my wife and my daughter Madison by actually getting on the floor to play with them.  I think Madison was more excited than the boys were.  It is something that you don’t think about as being important but it had an impact.  It’s another step.

I’m looking forward to this summer.  I usually dread the heat but I say bring it on.  I’m ready to move.  The CMA Fest is coming up in a month and I usually work in the Fanfare Hall all 4 days.  I have really enjoyed it but haven’t really been able to do much more than sit there and answer questions.  I plan on walking around and actually seeing things this year.  Participation is a great thing!

Behavioral Changes

I’ve only had food setbacks (nothing major) when I’m not prepared for what is coming meal wise that day.  It may be a quick dinner because of a game or a late day at work.  We have really cut down takeout and restaurant food.  I can’t remember the last drive thru I actually went to hamburger wise.  If I know we are going out to eat I try to adjust my other food intake for the day and increase the exercise level.  Today I even looked up the menu entree calories for a restaurant I’d like to go to next Thursday night.  Exercise wise when it looks like I’m going to have a busy night I’ve been getting up a couple hours early and going to the gym to get my steps in.  There are ways to get the work done.  Yesterday I knew it was going to be a struggle to get the 10000 steps in so despite the heat outside I walked during both breaks and lunch at work.  Combining that with a morning workout and I had the steps in by 5pm.  It can be done.  If it is important to you, you will do it.

Confidence and Stress

I can feel my confidence as a person coming back more and more each day.  I smile more and am more social than I have been in quite some time.  I still have a ways to go but I’m moving in the right direction.  The walking is a great stress relief even when I don’t feel like doing it.  Once I’m going it is fine and I listen to some music and do a lot of thinking and planning.  It is a great time to work on yourself and reflect on what you have done, are doing, and plans for the future.  More and more people are asking me what I’m doing and I feel honored to be able to help.  There is no magic formula.  It is hard work, both physically and mentally, but support is a great thing and I appreciate all I have gotten and continue to get and have no problem paying it forward.


I’m a twitter kind of guy.  My new motto is #keepgrinding.  That is how you get through life and how you make the important changes.  I’m grinding every day.  How about you?  Find what makes you grind.  Steel sharpens Steel. Find your steel and get to work.  Start small and do the work.  I was watching one of the last episodes of the Biggest Loser this season and Dolvett said “Don’t fall in love with the results, fall in love with the process.”  I’m in love with the process right now and the results are the gravy on my potatoes…well maybe that’s a bad analogy…how about the low fat ranch on my celery stick.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken recently.  Things are changing and shifting too!  Have to start incorporating some weights now along with the cardio.  Have a great month everyone.  Contact me at with any questions or find me on facebook or twitter. (@musiccityvic).  #keepgrinding

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116 Pounds and New Challenges

Sometimes you don’t realize how much you actually have done until you actual see a picture.  It’s kind of like hearing your voice on the radio or in a video; you don’t think you sound like you actually do.  I experienced it this week in preparation for a video spot I was a part of.  I had the picture below taken:

These are the same pants in this picture (Progress):


I know I lost a lot of weight.  I know I worked hard the last six months, but I didn’t realize just how much of a change it was until I looked at this picture.  I have to admit I got a bit choked up looking at it.  There is something about seeing your progress and knowing that you have succeeded for a period of time in what you set out to do, especially when there are so many struggles in other areas of my life.


The bottom line is that it CAN be done despite roadblocks.  That includes bad legs and bad weather.  It includes constant stress and issues that arise on a daily basis. You have to make the changes and then stick with them.  You will fail.  The key is how you react to the failures.  It is not a diet change, it is a lifestyle change.  Even those healthy “thin” people eat bad foods occasionally.  The key word there is “occasionally”.  Healthy Eaters do have fried foods and fast food sometimes but it is done in moderation and it doesn’t result in weeks long binging.  You can actually plan for it and believe it or not you can adjust the rest of your eating to make up for the calories and even add some exercise in there.  Who knew?


New Challenges


It looks like the good weather is upon us and I’m looking forward to going to the park on a regular basis to walk and keep the exercise going.  Good news is that I entered a contest and won a year on a program called  It’s a high tech diet education system through the web that includes work with dieticians, behavioral coaches, and fitness trainers.  I looking forward to having a new type of accountability as I have to start writing down the food that I’m eating, and monitoring the steps I take each day and I’ll learn about better choices.  I can’t wait to deal with the dietician and to figure out how to change up meals and even the workouts to make things more effective as I go for the 250 by 50.  I couldn’t afford this program if I had to pay for it with the way the finances are now, so I feel very fortunate and will be taking great advantage of this as the year goes on.


Behavioral Changes


When you make decisions that are difficult in the beginning of a program like giving up soda and only drinking water or not eating fast food, it is hard. I won’t lie.  As you get into the change it becomes second nature to NOT make the bad choice.  I had a bad day at work last week and I wanted to get something to eat on the way home since I didn’t want to make anything for dinner.  I drove right past 5 or 6 restaurants that I would have normally just pulled into the drive in and bought lots of food I didn’t need and more than I should have eaten. They really aren’t even a choice for me anymore.  I actually ended up just driving home and making myself something here.  It’s the little things that make you successful.  It is a choice.  You can even choice between “bad” foods and make the best choice.


Rambling Man


There is another 5K at the end of this month.  More walking and more exercise.  It feels great to have a sense of accomplishment and I know you can do it to if you are looking to make the change.  The excuses have to stop.  Quit dying and get busy living. There is NO ONE who was in worse shape than I was in August of last year.  I started exercising not by walking 3 miles but by walking for 10 minutes and gradually moved my way up.  I’ve endured the pain in my legs and still do.  The mind is stronger than you think.  I had no business finishing that first 5K.  All those hills and carrying way to much weight, but I finished.  I wavered a few times but determination and the will NOT to fail overcame the physical obstacles.  It has been full speed ahead since then.  Enjoy your families and have a great spring.  Don’t sit on the couch and watch the days go by.  I’m done with that.  I’m working on myself and being more positive.  I’ve had my ups and downs and you will too.  I need to make more changes in many areas and it will get done.  Keep moving forward. Take the punch and keep moving forward. If you have success, don’t get complacent, keep moving forward.  Really it’s the only way to live.  Have a great week and God Bless.



“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past.  See, I am doing a new thing! Now it springs up; do you not perceive it? I am making a way in the desert and streams in the wasteland.” Isaiah 43:18-19

Six Months to Go 116 Pounds Down

I weighed myself this morning and my total loss so far is 116 pounds.  I’ve lost eight pounds in the last 4 days, which has everything to do with diet and exercise and the fact the February was a lost month for me. The journey continues to move forward. There are traps and obstacles everywhere but they aren’t the issue.  The issue is what you do when you fall into the trap or are caught in the obstacle.  That is what will define your success.

The Lost Month

For the first time since I started this deal way back in August, I didn’t have the focus or drive I needed to maintain my discipline, especially when it came to exercise. Looking back on it, the resulting 4 pound loss for the entire month was well deserved.  Here are the lists of some of the “reasons”:

  • Knee Issues
  • Cold Weather
  • Time Constraints
  • Depression
  • Stress

Attention: This is for all of you who are working on your own changes, physically, mentally, or both.  These are not “reasons”.  They are EXCUSES.  Don’t get me wrong.  They are all legitimate issues that you have to deal with in everyday life.  You have to deal with life.  My question to you is are you important to yourself?  I do this to myself all the time.  You have to make the time to do the things that will help you deal with the issues in your life or they will overtake you and failure worse mediocrity will set in.  I’m tired of being mediocre.  Find solutions to your “excuses”.  Maybe you have to see a doctor or adjust your workout to compensate for injuries or pain.  Here is one solution that doesn’t work:  Do not go back to the bed or couch and pick up the remote control.  That fixes nothing! I lost 4 pounds in February.  It is still a loss, but at my size it is not acceptable.  The ramifications of not losing the weight and completing my goals are death.  This is serious business. I’ll be 50 years old this year.  The last couple of years have been very tough on me and my family but the future is bright.  The time for excuses is over.  Time for success.

Six Months to Go

I know it won’t end in six months.  My birthday is August 28th.  My goal was to lose 250 pounds and I’m going for it.  I have 134 pounds to go in 177 days.  It is very doable, especially if I have a few monster months to get back in front of this thing.  Spring will be here soon and the days will be longer.  Outdoor exercise will be a nice change from the treadmill.  There are a few 5K’s lined up for the spring and summer.  I’m looking to walk 100 miles this month and the diet is back on course.  I won’t be defined by a bad month. The overall loss of 116 pounds in six months is something I’m proud of.

Dealing with the Issues

I’ve talked about dealing with your issues and not letting them turn into excuses.  Issues are real.  I’m not trying to be flippant by calling them excuses.  They only become excuses when you don’t deal with them.  Make a plan of action.  That plan can’t include just reverting back to old habits and so called comforts.  Try something different.  Are you happy with your current results when dealing with the problems in your life?  I congratulate you if you are.  Most of us don’t deal with them well.  I think preparation is the key.  The strength of your fight and will can overcome more than you think.  Be a fighter. Don’t quit.


It has been awhile since I’ve written the blog.  I’m finding that part of my fight is putting down my progress or lack of it on paper and sharing them.  It is not a coincidence that during a month of struggle that I didn’t write.  I apologize to everyone who was looking for a blog or three and promise to get back to a consistent weekly blog.  It is good for me to do it and I enjoy all the feedback and accountability.  Please feel free to email me or if you see me go ahead and ask me about the blog or lack of one.  9 pounds until 125.  I’ll post some pictures when I hit that milestone and then every 25 thereafter.  It will be fun to record the loss in pictures.  Sometimes you don’t really feel the loss or see it for yourself in the mirror no matter how much it is.  I hope you all have a great week.


Finally, be strong in the Lord with his energy and strength. (Ephesians6:10)






105 Pounds Down!!! 145 to Go in 7 Months!!

105 Pounds.  5 Months.  It’s not a diet it is a lifestyle change.  I really think I will be able to keep this up for the long term because that is how I’m treating it.  Substituting water for soda was easy.  Granola bars as snacks and making sure I eat something for breakfast has been the key so far.  It is a great accomplishment and I’m proud of it.  It hasn’t been easy breaking old habits.  It has been hard not to drop back into the comfort zone.  I may even have a bad day here and there, but it doesn’t last and I compensate for it with more exercise.  I feel so much better physically and mentally and look forward to the spring and summer and to enjoying life for the first time in a very long time.

Thanks are in Order

I haven’t been able to do this alone.  This blog has been a great release for me.  I have to thank my wife Renae for helping keep me on track and she has encouraged me to tow the line.  She has lost a bunch of weight in her own right and I enjoy having an exercise partner, even though she is way better on the elliptical than I ever will be.  I think it has been a great journey for all of our family.  Everyone is eating better and the exercise level overall has been increased.  I’d like to thank all of you who read and comment on this blog and on my posts in Facebook and on Twitter.  I received lots of encouragement even though I feel uneasy about being a role model and/or inspiration.  It has taken me 49 years to get here and I wasted a bunch of time, so I guess the example is that it is never too late no matter how bad you feel or what physical ailments you have.  You all have been important to me and have kept me going.

Future is Bright

I’m really looking forward to the spring and summer.  I went walking in the park last Saturday and even though it was very cold, it was much better than walking on the treadmill.  I think it will be easier to maintain the 3 miles and beyond walking in the park.  There a plenty of 5K walk runs starting in February that I hope to participate in.  The exercise which has consisted mostly of walking has been very important in losing the weight.  It keeps the metabolism up and has increased my stamina and energy levels.  It keeps you on the path during those weeks where you don’t lose much weight even when you have dieted well and done the work.  The scale is funny.  I know there are weeks when I lose 2 or 3 pounds when I feel like I lost 10.  I can feel the difference in my clothes.  Some are falling off of me now, yet I can be inpatient as well.  It isn’t going to happen overnight.  7 months from now is my birthday.  I’m 145 pounds away from the goal.  How will I look losing 250 pounds?  I’m not sure, but I know I will FEEL much better and will have a much better outlook for the rest of my life.  Who knows, I’ll be 50 maybe I’ll join one of those “senior” softball and/or hockey leagues.

Stress and the Diet

I think, no I’m sure, that part of my weight problem was eating due to stress. You have to find a better outlet for the release of stress.  I’ve been under employed for 2 ½ years now and the money situation has never been worse for our family.  In the past I would be stuffing whatever food I could find down my throat to help relieve the stress, but it only makes it worse.  My outlook is much better as is my confidence level in being able to ride out this storm.  After all, it is only stuff.  I have to believe that I’m not defined by the job I have but by how I live my life.  I want my girls to have everything they want in life and I hope to be able to provide them with what is important.  Being healthier and sporting a more upbeat persona should help me in my pursuit of success in the business world again.  It isn’t always about working hard, it is the complete package.  I haven’t presented a great package the last couple of years.  I’m fixing that.

Progress…….Here are a few pictures along the way.  When I hit the 125 pound mark I’ll model my “big” clothes to see the difference.  Sometimes even after 100 pounds I don’t see the difference, though I know it’s there.  These help.   Have a great week and God Bless.

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