Keep Moving. The Holiday Weekend is Here

138 pounds gone.  In six days it will be 10 months since I started. I should be around 14 pounds a month lost which is less than I wanted but I think is actually a real good pace.  I’ve done it in the most healthy way with some leg issues, but nothing serious.  I’m very proud of what I have accomplished so far.  95 days until my birthday.  I hope to average 20 pounds a month in the summer so that would put me right at 200 pounds lost on my birthday.  I’ll be 50 pounds short of my original goal, but is losing 200 pounds in what amounts to 13 months falling short? I think not.  Believe me I’ve made strides and have done things in the last 10 months I never thought I’d be able to do again.  Last month I walked 100 miles and this month I’ll be in the 120-130 miles walked range.  Even though I’m struggling with my foot and legs I haven’t felt this good in 14-15 years.   I have a ways to go but I have all the momentum on my side. Besides I can rest when I die.  I’m getting busy living! #keepgrinding

It’s the Simple Things

Set simple goals and make sure you notice the little things.  That is what will keep you going.  A couple weeks ago I went to a Deli to grab something to eat and the girl brought me to a booth.  In the past that meant me asking for a table and making the trek to another section.  Not this time!  I sat in the booth and placed my order.  I won’t lie it was a tight fit, but it was a fit. That doesn’t seem like much to the average person but it is to me.  Same thing with the pool chairs.  Can sit in them now and be comfortable and judging by how much time we have already spent at the pool this year that is very important.  Getting in and out of the pool is not a hassle anymore either.  Last year getting out of the pool and having gravity set in was not a happy moment.

Last weekend I was able to carry my grandson around a car show.  It was a struggle as it was hot, but last year that wouldn’t have been possible.  Actually I wouldn’t have even gone to the car show because of all the walking.

I also was able to help at the Special Olympics.  In the past any volunteer work was limited to some job sitting down and registering people or that sort of thing.  This time I got to participate.  I’m participating in life now.  It is much better than sitting.

I can go to any store now and walk around without any issues.  That not only helps me, but also my wife.  I can do some shopping and take the load off of her.  It helps all around.

Keep Driving Forward

There will be bad days.  Not every day is a perfect experience.  There have been days when my legs feel like they are 90 years old and it is frustrating.  I expected the exercise to get easier and the legs to follow suit, but I have to realize that I’m putting myself through harder workouts with incline intervals so my legs are still adjusting.  I’m not lightweight either so it’s a lot of pounding.  Even though my goal is to walk 10K steps a day I’ve scaled back a bit to rest my legs.  I’m looking into getting some compression sleeves for my lower legs to help out with the soreness and cramps.  I will not let the soreness stop me now.  That is just an excuse.  If I’m smart about it I will be way better off in the long run.


It is important to set reachable goals yet they can’t be too easy.  My goal was to double my days at 10K steps from May to June.  In May I had 8 days of 10000 steps and so far in June through today it is 16.  I still have a week to go and have doubled it already.  It WAS hard but not impossible.  It is not a coincidence that my best weight loss numbers have come in the last 2 months.  Movement equals success.  I’m moving every day.  Maybe not at 5 miles and 10000 steps, but when a bad day is 2.5 miles that puts it all into perspective.  3 months ago I would have been thrilled with a 2.5 mile day.  You will build stamina even through the pain.


Don’t be afraid to keep yourself accountable by leaning on friends and family and even professionals.  I was fortunate to win a contest with and the girls that are working with me are very professional and keep me accountable in all aspects including diet, exercise, and the most important part the mental aspect of all this.  Sometimes putting yourself out there with stated goals will keep you on the path to success.  You will go off the reservation sometimes but jumping back on the path as soon as possible is what keeps you going.  I hated the idea of weighing in daily but it actually is better.  You may be slipping a little and that weigh in where you gain 2 pounds really makes you focus on what you are doing.  If you wait a week you can get real bad results and give up.  Do not give up.  I want to thank all my friends and family on Facebook and Twitter as well who put up with my daily status updates.  They are my way of keeping me on the straight and narrow and hopefully I’m helping others along the way.  My wife has been real patient with all my exercise and food requirements and we are enjoying success together and as a family in working toward a better lifestyle.  Life is getting better and better every day.

I hope you all have a great holiday weekend. God Bless and be safe.










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